KAIZEN by VOLKERFIRMA Intro Kaizen Hell is my home What will I do to get through? Alloy Hunter Gatherer Interlude I & II Chrome While Eden grows Burn down Rome Propaganda Broken Square peg in a round hole The silent majority Cruel All songs by copyright© Volkerfirma
Volkerfirma Electronic Musician Based in North West England Other bands - El Diableros, Syntax Era, Sean Keefe & the Hostages. Instruments used - Moog, Roland, Korg, Waldorf, Novation, Yamaha & Jen synthesisers and keys. Martin, Danelectro, Airline guitars. Cubase and Logic software and plugins. Electro harmonix, Boss effects pedals. Associated website links-  HAND OF BROTHERS ANIMATIONS EL DIABLEROS BAND SEAN KEEFE AND THE HOSTAGES
MCMXCI the songs of syntax era 25 of the best songs from Volkerfirma’s first band ‘Syntax Era’, which he formed 25 years ago with close friend Brian Donnelly. Never released before, this is a very personal collection of decades of work. Released in two volumes RED and BLUE. All money from the sale of these two collections will be donated to ROYAL MANCHESTER CHILDRENS HOSPITAL and MACMILLAN CANCER SUPPORT. ROYAL MANCHESTER CHILDRENS HOSPITAL MACMILLAN CANCER SUPPORT